There are plenty of online programming tutorials on this subject, some great, some confusing, some outdated, some on web pages that disappear ... Long ago I wanted to start this section on the web, which start with very simple things to go forward to things more complex, programming in c and assembly language, I hope you like it.


English tutorials
Programming in c and assembly language: Compilers and alternatives for PC
Introduction to programming in C with Z88dk: Compiling and testing a "Hello World"
Introduction to programming in C with SDCC: Compiling and testing a "Hello World"
Introduction to programming in assembler with Pasmo: Compiling and testing a "Hello World"
Filling the screen with colors in c and assembler (Pasmo, z88dk and sdcc)
Painting pixels: Introduction to video memory (C with SDCC)
2D Starfield (C with SDCC)
Measuring times and optimizing 2D Starfield (C with SDCC)
3D Starfield (C with SDCC)
Converting and displaying an image on the screen (C with SDCC)
SDCC vs z88dk: Comparing size and speed of the binaries generated for Amstrad CPC
Sprites I: Introduction to using sprites (C & ASM with SDCC)
Sprites II: Sprite animation (C & ASM with SDCC)
Sprites III: Transparency (C & ASM with SDCC)
Snake: Minigame with tile's, keyboard and sprites (C & ASM with SDCC)
Keyboard: Reading HW, multiple simultaneous keypresses, redefine, Firmware vs. HW (C & ASM with SDCC)
Fire: Attempt to make a fire effect and optimization (C with SDCC)
PongC: Clone of the classic Pong in mode 2 (C & ASM with SDCC)
Sound I: The easiest way (C & ASM with SDCC)
Loading files from disk using firmware (C & ASM with SDCC) 2015