Write and Read Amstrad CPC disks from a PC


Write and Read Amstrad CPC disks from a PC
Support for many protected games
Support for some speedlock protected games
Support for Standart DSK and Extended DSK formats
Autodetection of format and structure of DSK
Support for DSKs with two heads, 80 tracks, ... (Parados)
Support for zipped DSKs
Support for Read/Write B side
Format floppy disc for CPC usage (AMSDOS & PARADOS)
Program module to show DSK information, with structure summary and sector viewer
Fully work in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
DSK Editor, to manage files in dsk (AMSDOS, PARADOS, ROMDOS, VORTEX, +3DOS and IBM)
Associate with dsk in windows explorer, to open directly
Command line to facilitate the creation of Dsk's from a bat for those who make programs for the cpc...
Easy of use



CPCDiskXP v2.5.1 (03-10-2014)
CPCDiskXP v2.5 (03-04-2014)
CPCDiskXP v2.4 (06-16-2013)
CPCDiskXP v2.3 (04-14-2012)
CPCDiskXP v2.2 (02-19-2012)
CPCDiskXP v2.1 (05-02-2011)
CPCDiskXP v2.0 (01-10-2009)
CPCDiskXP v1.6 (05-07-2006)
CPCDiskXP v1.5 (03-14-2006)
CPCDiskXP v1.4 (01-22-2006)
CPCDiskXP v1.3.1 Hotfix (01-08-2006)
CPCDiskXP v1.3 (01-07-2006)
CPCDiskXP v1.2 (12-08-2005)
CPCDiskXP v1.1 (11-26-2005)
CPCDiskXP v1.0 (11-12-2005)