Copying GX4000 / CPC+ Cartridges

Today is very expensive to buy GX4000 cartridges, expecially with some titles, so the cheapest way to enjoy with all the GX4000 / CPC+ cartridge games is copying them.


Required materials
GX4000 / Amstrad CPC+
At least one cartridge
Some M27C1001 EPROMs
EPROM Connector
EPROM Programmer

Burnin' Rubber Cartridge

Opened cartridge

New EPROM connector welded

We must make a window to be able to close the cartridge

Closed cartridge with a EPROM plugged in the connector

Some programmed EPROM

Final result plugged on a GX4000


The EPROM are obtained easily in ebay, the mine cost less than one euro each one including already the shipping cost. The programmer I did not have to buy it since I used one of my work. You can get the games in our section GX4000/CPC+ Games. You can convert between bin and cpr cartridge format with this little aplication CPRTools. 06 - 17 - 2006